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Dealing with worker absences on election day

Head’s up! Election Day is coming, and depending on which state your facility is located, you may be required to give workers notice about their voting rights and provide paid or unpaid time off to vote.

3 ways to handle weather-related absences

In early January, 49 states (Florida was spared) had snow on the ground. The large accumulations this winter have forced a lot of people to miss work – and called into question many companies’ time-off policies.

5 ways to stop FMLA abuse dead in its tracks

FMLA abuse: With all of the laws out there protecting employee rights, many employers feel it’s a problem they are powerless to stop. 

3 ways firms are preparing for swine flu

It’s swine flu season, and many companies are facing a great challenge: allowing people time off to prevent disease from spreading — without putting too big a dent in productivity.

Employees endangering co-workers — and managers have no idea

Ask employees, and many will say they frequently show up to work even when they’re in poor health. But new research shows managers aren’t aware of that behavior.

How much damage do absences cause today?

A new study tries to pinpoint exactly what companies are losing when employees don’t show up for work.

Did employee on FMLA have to follow call-in policy?

One way companies help curtail FMLA abuse: Hold employees on medical leave to the same absence policies as everyone else. But is that legal?

How one employer’s attendance policy violated FMLA

In a recent case, a federal court ruled that an employer violated FMLA by firing an employee for excessive absences even though the employer didn’t include FMLA leave in the total of the employee’s absences.