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Landmark Supreme Court ruling gives HR a powerful tool to prevent pay lawsuits

Employers everywhere will likely rush to get their employees to sign the type of employment agreement the High Court just ruled has great power to protect businesses from costly wage-and-hour lawsuits.

Arbitration clauses: It’s what they DON’T say that can get you in trouble

Arbitration clauses are common these days — most employers figure the odds of winning over a single business professional are a lot higher than trying to sway a group of laypersons who are probably pro-employee to begin with. But a recent Supreme Court decision points out the importance of carefully crafting those arbitration agreements.  

Is arbitration really cheaper than litigation? Study says no

Many companies have adopted a policy of using arbitration to resolve legal disputes with employees — in the belief that it’s cheaper than fighting things out in court. New research indicates that belief might be misguided.

3 big reasons why arbitration agreements fail in court

An arbitration agreement is supposed to be designed to keep everyone out of court. Then why is it that so many end up being settled in a messy and expensive lawsuit?

EFCA a priority for Obama: Steps to take now

The Employee Free Choice Act is one of the President-elect’s top legislative priorities for the upcoming term — and an increased Democratic Congressional majority could make its passage likely. What does it mean for employers, and what should HR do now to prepare?

Supreme Court will rule on 3 key HR-related cases

This month, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on three cases that have a direct impact on how HR and employers will do business.

Mandatory arbitration: Worth the bother?

Mandatory arbitration of employee disputes — instead of civil court — could be the best course for your company or lead you down a bad road. The key is in knowing the benefits and drawbacks before you decide to try it.