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The reference check: How to get useful, honest info

Reference checks can be one of the most valuable tools for making an informed hiring decision – but, as you know, it’s often tough to learn anything from a contact besides employment dates, titles and salaries. 

Big-time talent acquisition on a small budget: 5 proven steps

No one needs to tell you that talent acquisition is hard work. And despite a hyper-pressurized job market, no one’s cutting you any slack, either. 

85% of resumes contain lies: 3 ways to spot and stop them

  It’s not surprising some job applicants feel the need to embellish their resumes to get a better shot at a job. But the exact number — now 85% — has risen dramatically over the past few years. 

Hiring in today’s labor market: 4 candidate ‘red flags’ you may want to overlook

When the job market was at its worst, recruiters could afford to be more selective with candidates they chose to interview. But, in this tight labor market, recruiters need to find ways to widen their hiring pools. 

Recruiting 2.0: Don’t break these 3 rules when you’re texting new talent

More and more recruiters are communicating with talent through text messaging. It’s faster than email, and candidates appreciate being kept in the loop throughout the hiring process. 

From cocktail requests to naps: The 10 worst job-interview performances

With half of employers making their minds up about candidates within the first five minutes of the interview, both parties know how important it is to make a good first impression.

It never ends: Another astonishing list of the ways job seekers submarine interviews

As nobody knows better than an HR pro, there are about a zillion ways to screw up a job interview. And it appears CareerBuilder knows them all.  

Interview hint: Don’t bring your beer with you

Every HR pro has had at least one candidate interview that left them wondering:  “Did that person really want the job?”

Better grab the best and brightest while you can

There’s more evidence that the job market may be loosening up — and snagging the best candidates could get even more difficult than it is today.

5 sweet perks to working in HR/Benefits today

There’s no doubt that a lot of people are suffering out there today — either due to heavier workloads or, worse yet, unemployment. But HR and Benefits pros may be the lucky ones.