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Want to ease FMLA headaches? Doctors prescribe 3 remedies

Here’s a great way to clear up FMLA certification and administration headaches. 

Suspect an employee’s abusing FMLA? Here’s an example of how to handle it

How far can an employer really go when all it has is an “honest suspicion” of FMLA abuse? A recent court case describes one organization’s successful handling of just such a situation.  

One way the FMLA, ADA mix in employers’ favor

When you say “FMLA” and “ADA” in the same sentence, most employers sigh, thinking the marriage of the two laws only allows employees to “double dip” into the medical leave system. But they actually work together in one area to help employers — not just employees.

Questionable FMLA certification? Here’s how to deal

Incomplete or unclear FMLA certifications – they’re among HR pros’ biggest pains in the butt. Here’s a quick refresher course on how to handle them.  

Your absence call-in policies can help fight FMLA abuse

A recent court decision confirms that employers can, indeed, use their absence notification procedures and certification requirements to help keep FMLA leave requests under control.  

Intermittent FMLA exceeds docs estimate: What not to do

Here’s the scenario: An employee’s absences far exceeded the amount of medical leave his doctor estimated he’d need on his FMLA certification forms. What happened next landed his employer in some pretty hot water.

FMLA ruling: Employees have obligations, too

Here’s a welcome reminder for companies: Though employers carry a lot of the load in the FMLA leave approval process, employees play a major role, too. And if staffers fail to do what’s required of them, it’s perfectly legal to deny them leave. 

Staffer not cooperating with certification requests? Here’s what to do

Employees don’t always make it easy for firms to approve their FMLA leave. When that happens, do what this company did.

11 essentials for your FMLA policy

Intermittent leave has rapidly become the No. 1 headache for HR/Benefits pros everywhere. But adding these measures to your FMLA policy will certainly ease the pain. 

FMLA leave for domestic violence?

Another bill has been brought to Congress that could impact FMLA requirements.