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Employees trash HR in detailed new report: Their top complaints

The Human Resources department is supposed to be the center of effective communication and employee engagement, but an eye-opening new report reveals many employees feel HR is anything but.

6 common manager mistakes that can get your company sued

What do employment attorneys see as the common thread that lands well-meaning employers in court time and time again? Costly mistakes by their front-line managers. 

Rethinking employee engagement: 2 seldom-used tactics to lift morale

If you’re having trouble with employee engagement, you’re not alone.

3 things managers can’t say after FMLA requests

You know when employees request FMLA leave, those conversations have to stick to the facts about what the workers need and why. The problem is, a lot of managers don’t know that — and here’s proof some of their stray comments can cost you dearly in court. 

7 warning signs a great employee’s about to quit

We all want to hold onto our best, brightest employees. And sometimes, a key component of that retention effort is being able to recognize when they’re trying to locate greener pastures and finding ways to increase their loyalty.

Different strokes for different folks in ‘difficult conversations’

Everybody talks about the importance of communication. But what’s often overlooked is the fact that not everybody communicates in the same way.

3 awkward conversations DOL’s new overtime rule will spark

Are you ready for the three most difficult conversations you’ve had in a while? 

Top 10 mistakes managers make when giving feedback

Orchestrating a great feedback session is as much about what you shouldn’t do as what you should. 

One phrase that will help any manager deliver better feedback

The most important part of being in a leadership position is providing great feedback. And there’s a phrase that’s been scientifically proven to help you — and your managers — provide better feedback. 

What’s the real ROI on your benefits programs? How to find out

Given the ever-increasing costs of employee benefits programs — and the need to maintain them in order to attract the best talent — it only makes sense to know exactly what you’re getting for your benefits buck. Guest poster Brenden Mielke explains how analytics can help.