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New rule: Employees of federal contractors must be free to discuss pay

You’d think this would’ve gone without saying, given all of the one-sided legal hullabaloo in this area recently. But this is the federal government we’re talking about, and what should go without saying must be said (or, rather, carved into stone).

OT lawsuits: When signed time sheets aren’t enough to protect you

When is asking employees to sign off on their time sheets before they’re submitted to Payroll for processing not enough to protect you from an overtime lawsuit? When this happens. 

Employers are the big winners in Supreme Court’s recent ruling

Employers have just been given a lot more wiggle room when it comes to what they do and don’t have to pay workers for. 

3 ways Obamacare can help your company

Healthcare reform is obviously not what everyone wishes it could be. Everyone wishes costs were lower, for example. But that’s not to say it’s completely devoid of redeeming qualities.

How much do employees need to earn to feel successful?

If you asked HR pros what employees would need to make to feel successful, most would probably answer $100,000 or more. But the good news for employers is: That number is actually much lower.

Top 3 reasons employees quit their jobs (and other deal breakers)

Guess what, compensation isn’t the biggest reason employees leave their jobs. It kind of makes sense. After all, they knew what they’d be paid when they signed on. So what takes the top spot? 

Case study: How wellness initiative helped staff living paycheck to paycheck

Periodically, we like to offer success stories from HR pros from across the U.S. This account of how one employer’s wellness program helped staffers both physically and financially comes courtesy of Tim O’Neil, manager of employee health and financial wellness at Meredith Corp., Des Moines, IA.

The essential guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act

The other employment laws have nothing on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Here’s why the FLSA is the employment law you’re most likely to violate.

FLSA: How to make sense of on-call and waiting time

You may know the in’s and out’s of more common Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) trouble spots, but what about some of these lesser-known areas?

FLSA: Calculating overtime when travel time is involved

Do you know how to calculate overtime pay for this employee without running afoul of the FLSA?