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When medical marijuana laws and drug policies collide: Court says …

With every state saying something different about medical marijuana, it gets tricky for employers who want to maintain a completely drug-free workplace. 

These are very troubling signs for employee drug use rates

If these numbers from the federal government are any indication, drug use among employees is exploding. 

What? He failed a drug test … so how can he sue under the ADA?

The moral of this story: Like the feds, the courts want to see you do everything in your power to work with disabled individuals. 

Employers really hate pot use at work, and courts back them

Employers aren’t letting the spreading legalization of marijuana at the state level prevent them from creating and enforcing zero-tolerance anti-pot policies — and they have courts in their corner. 

Some states OK marijuana use: Do employers have to change drug policies?

Marijuana use — either medicinal or recreational — is now or will shortly become legal in over one-third of U.S. states. So: What do the recent changes in marijuana legislation mean for you and your company?