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What? He failed a drug test … so how can he sue under the ADA?

The moral of this story: Like the feds, the courts want to see you do everything in your power to work with disabled individuals. 

Red flag for employers: Positive drug tests on the rise

More incentive to review your drug policies: the percentage of U.S. workers testing positive for illicit substances such as marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine have increased for the second consecutive year. 

Is ‘shy bladder syndrome’ a disability?

Does being unable to pee on cue qualify as a disability?

Prescription drug testing: Safety measure or ADA violation?

Can employers, concerned about workplace safety, fire workers who take certain types of prescription medications? A new lawsuit should give us some answers.

Court: Worker rightly fired, but company has to pay for his lawyer

Did this company win the war but lose a battle?

Man gets friend to shoot him to avoid workplace drug test

Ever since the dawn of “work,” employees have done a lot of things to keep from reporting to their jobs. This one is extreme.