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Google’s #MeToo moment: HR impact will be felt far beyond Silicon Valley

Though it’s been a year since the #MeToo movement first began, companies are still experiencing the fallout. And not even tech giant Google is immune.

EEOC’s wellness litigation strategy gets slapped around in Senate hearing

Republicans’ predicted assault on what some employers perceive as over-aggressive federal agency enforcement of employment laws may have just begun — and they haven’t even taken control of Congress yet. 

Fixed leave policy costs company $1.35M

A recent Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) lawsuit highlights the dangers of fixed leave policies. 

Another group goes after EEOC’s background check guidance

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission hasn’t made a lot of friends with its stance on background checks – and now the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has filed a report on the subject. 

The DOL recovered how much money last year?

The Department of Labor (DOL) has weighed in on how it did in 2013. 

What would this new bill do to background checks?

A new law, if passed, might eliminate background checks entirely from the employment process. 

Texas vs. the EEOC and criminal background checks

The latest chapter in criminal background check drama finds an entire state suing the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). 

Whoops: EEOC owes trucking firm $4.7 million

Not many HR pros would protest this recent trend that’s affecting some of the biggest employers in the U.S.

A ban on hiring smokers? It’s not that simple

More companies than ever won’t hire people who smoke. But is that legal — and is it worth it for employers?

EEOC, DOL release enforcement stats

Look out: Two federal agencies have released their latest enforcement data — and boy have they been busy.