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Feds ask for another delay on overtime rule: Will regs ever have their day in court?

The DOL has already been granted two extensions in submitting its final brief to the Fith Circuit Court of Appeals for the final overtime rule, but it looks like that still wasn’t enough. 

Good news: IRS gives a little more breathing room on ACA reporting

If there’s no way your firm will be able to get everything in order in time to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) reporting deadlines, don’t panic. You may not have to.  

Federal COBRA subsidy program ending

Barring some last-minute extension, the federal COBRA premium subsidy program will die on Aug. 31.

Temporary FUTA surtax expires: Now what?

The expiration of the “temporary” 0.2% FUTA surtax on June 30 changes employers’ recordkeeping duties.

COBRA subsidy update: Why it wasn’t extended — and what’s next

On July 22, President Obama signed a bill to extend unemployment benefits through November. But absent from that bill was an extension of the COBRA premium subsidy. Why?

Again! 5th COBRA subsidy extension in the works

Could the long line of monthly COBRA subsidy extensions — and the paperwork that comes with each one — finally come to an end?

COBRA subsidy: Feds pass another temporary extension

Unemployment benefits and health insurance subsidies for the unemployed have been extended again. How long will they last this time?

Obama signs temporary COBRA subsidy extension

As you probably heard, President Obama signed a bill extending federal funding for the COBRA subsidy and unemployment benefits.

Again! Obama wants second COBRA subsidy extension

Hope your people are getting used to the extra paperwork and headaches associated with the COBRA subsidy — because it looks like another extension may be on its way.

Could employee extend medical leave — without telling the employer?

Here’s another victory for employers trying to fight FMLA abuse.