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New FLSA overtime rules: Hard numbers show what they could cost

The DOL is changing the compensation game. It’s rewriting the FLSA’s overtime exemption rules in an effort to make more employees overtime-eligible. What’s this going to cost employers? 

Finally! The DOL’s finished revising the FLSA’s overtime rules

It has been a long, nervous year for the business community ever since President Obama ordered the DOL to revise the FLSA’s overtime exemption rules — to make more salaried workers overtime-eligible. 

Can you believe what the DOL’s doing to suspected wage violators now?

There’s one superpower you probably didn’t know the DOL even had.

What will FLSA’s new OT-exempt minimum salary be? Here’s a hint

By now you know there are some big changes coming to the FLSA. You’re just waiting for the details. Well, they’re starting to leak out of Washington — and they’re not as heavy-handed as some feared. 

6 must-haves for BYOD policies

It’s a perk many employees love: being allowed to use personal devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets) to get their work done. But this trend can backfire on employers that don’t have a clear policy in place to govern the usage of these devices.

Docking pay for exempt employees: What’s allowed?

Don’t feel bad if you have trouble understanding the pay-docking rules laid out by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The regs are pretty murky.

Top 10 Benefits Stories of 2011

Here are the top 10 Benefits Alert stories of 2011, as chosen by our readers:

Should you be telling workers how to unionize?

The National Labor Relations Board wants to require your company to put up a poster explaining how your employees can form a union.

Four legal ways to cut pay costs in tough times

Surviving the downturn often means cutting hours and pay to keep the company afloat. That’s understandable and legal, unless you make one of the common cutback mistakes and run afoul of the Fair Labor Standards Act.