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FMLA policy blunder proves very costly for employer

What this employer’s FMLA policy didn’t say has it facing an expensive jury trial. 

Can you ask employees to work during FMLA leave? Better be careful

If you’ve got an employee who takes FMLA leave, you may have to check in with him or her occasionally. But be careful not to cross this line. 

Replaceable or not: You still have to grant them FMLA leave

This employer was shoved between a rock and a hard place. But management chose to handle the situation … um … poorly. 

‘R U there? i cant work 2nite’: When leave requests get complicated

Did a text message qualify as a request for FMLA leave? 

FMLA Gone Wrong: Worker Takes Leave Too Far

Here’s proof: Some people will sue employers (or ex-employers) for anything. Can you believe this guy thought he had an FMLA interference case against Southwest Airlines?

Court: Workers who ignore FMLA notice requirements can be disciplined

No doubt about it: The Family and Medical Leave Act’s a pain for HR and Benefits pros. But a recent court decision eased one company’s intermittent leave headaches. Could it help you?