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Is it legal to cut workers’ hours so you don’t have to give them health insurance?

There may be a new type of Obamacare lawsuit looming on the horizon — and this one would target employers. 

What’s next for employer mandate? Vets may be excluded

How often have you been able to say this, “A bill to change Obamacare is receiving bipartisan support”? 

Supreme Court cuts employers slack in health benefits case

When retirees at M&G Polymers USA were asked to start contributing to the health benefits they were receiving, they sued. But the Supreme Court’s backing the employer — and, in a way, possibly other employers as well.

A growing problem that could drive up your healthcare costs

You contribute a lot of money so your employees can have health insurance. And, most likely, you want them to use it to stay healthy — and stave off serious (not to mention costly) medical problems down the road. There’s just one problem. 

Employers pumping the brakes on dependent health coverage

To either help you decide how to adjust your benefit offerings this open enrollment season or justify some of the decisions you’ve already made, here’s a look at what other employers are doing with dependent health coverage. 

How high will health premiums climb in 2015? Early estimates are in

The question isn’t if you’ll pay more for your health plan next year. The question is: How much more you’ll pay? 

Another state rejects healthcare reform provisions

Texas recently became the highest populated state to reject two key provisions of President Obama’s healthcare reform law.

5 ways to measure wellness effectiveness

You’ve heard it before: For every $1 you spend on wellness, you’ll save $3 to $4 in healthcare costs. Sounds great. But how do you know for sure your wellness program’s working?

Workers covered by company health plans hits new low

For the fourth year in a row, the number of Americans getting health insurance from their employer has dropped. It’s now at a record low, and there are four suspected reasons why.

Do shopping malls and health insurance mix?

Would you go to the mall to buy health insurance or service your existing policy? Some companies are betting you would.