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Applicants getting more aggressive about negotiating salaries: Report

Another sign of a tightening job market: More than half of professionals (55%) participating in a recent survey said they tried to negotiate a higher salary with their last employment offer.

85% of resumes contain lies: 3 ways to spot and stop them

  It’s not surprising some job applicants feel the need to embellish their resumes to get a better shot at a job. But the exact number — now 85% — has risen dramatically over the past few years. 

Rejection letters: Avoid them at your PR peril

The first law of writing letters to rejected job applicants: Send them.

Lighter side: Candidates sing for career help

Stuck in unemployment, there’s only one thing these job candidates could do: Sing for a job.

Walking resume lands job

These days, we’ve been hearing a lot of stories about crazy stunts job seekers are pulling to find employment. Well, here’s one that actually worked.

Make sure candidates have done their homework

Serious candidates should have done some research about the company before the interview. Here are some simple questions you shouldn’t skip, in order to make sure they’ve done their homework.

“Reverse discrimination” has a big price tag

It’s not what you expect to see in a race discrimination case. But one company recently had to fork over $500,000 for failing to hire a white job applicant.