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Patriots-loving HR pro fires Giants fan for ‘the Tom Brady incident’

When a New York City underwriter walked past a life-sized poster of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in his Manhattan office, little did he know it would set off a chain off events that would eventually lead to his termination.

Unusual cash deposits: Company toilets clogged by $100K

When this business said somebody was flushing money down the toilet, it wasn’t speaking metaphorically about a failed company initiative.

Butt-dial costs man a cushy six-figure job he ‘barely showed up to’

Here’s some advice for individuals who set the bar low: If you do manage to land that dream job that essentially pays you big bucks to do nothing, don’t ever, under any circumstances, brag about the fact that you have such a job.

Town: Sorry, sex just isn’t a valid reason for a paid break

When a Swedish politician proposed the radical idea of paying town workers for one-hour sex breaks to bolster the town’s birthrate, the politician and his little town garnered a ton of media attention.

Lighter side: A benefits hotline that offers … uh … extra benefits

The next time you direct your employees to call the number on the back of their insurance cards, you may want to double-check the number is connecting them to the right place.

Lighter Side: Government worker reprimanded for passing gas

Let’s hope you never have to discipline an employee with a problem this pungent.

Wanted: Mindless, underpaid employee with no life

You’ll have a hard time finding a less appealing job posting than this one.

Lighter Side: CEO’s rules for private jet include mandatory flip-flops, dog seating charts

Some supervisors can be hard to work for. But employees on the private jet of Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Michael Jeffries had to abide by some seriously strange rules.

Lighter Side: 11 crazy things candidates wore to interviews

If it’s true that you should dress for the job you want and not the job you have, we’re very curious exactly what jobs these candidates were hoping to land.

Lighter Side: The 13 strangest reasons for quitting

Employees quit their jobs for a lot of reasons. But we’re guessing not many leave and join the Big Top.