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The dreaded termination talk: Helping managers get it right

The termination conversation: The most distasteful part of any manager’s job. Here are some guidelines on how to handle these confrontations in a humane, controlled and legally safe way. 

4 ways managers screw up progressive discipline

Most companies have established a system of progressive discipline for dealing with employees with performance or behavior problems. Too often, though, unthinking managers derail the process.

3 EEOC targets to address in your harassment training

The EEOC just issued proposed enforcement guidance on workplace harassment, and it provides a window into the kinds of things the agency’s now looking to prevent – through litigation if necessary. 

7 traits Facebook found when it looked at its best managers

When it comes time to hire or promote someone into management, Facebook has come up with a checklist of what you should be looking for in a leader. 

7 deadly sins your managers may be committing

Managers get blamed for a lot of turnover and internal issues, but how much of that is really their fault? 

Terminations: How managers rationalize putting them off — and then screw them up anyway

Managers will go to great lengths to avoid the dreaded “termination conversation.” And when the confrontation finally happens, they often screw it up. Here are some suggestions to solve both problems.

Managers: The little stuff they do to drive their employees crazy

The problem with managing people is that managers are people, too. And managers do just as much dumb stuff as their employees do.  

Do’s and don’ts to make performance reviews actually mean something

Everybody hates performance reviews. That’s a given. But there are ways to move them out of the “dreaded chore” category into the file titled “engagement tools.”

7 must-haves for defensible documentation

You know how important clear and thorough documentation is. But your managers may be another story. 

The workers speak: 4 reasons why managers’ feedback doesn’t stick

Nothing is more frustrating than employees who don’t listen. And most managers know the struggle of trying to get employees to follow their advice.