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Why it pays to praise: 20 ways to say ‘good job’

You probably realize how powerful your words can be when you’re praising someone for a job well done.

10 signs your workplace culture is toxic (and how to fix it)

It’s a hard thing to admit … that your work culture may be toxic. But identifying the symptoms and finding the antidotes for them can quickly improve morale, engagement, retention and productivity. Let’s get started. 

4 HR management trends coming to 2018

Business trends come and go, but they impact our daily work lives. When it comes to HR management, evolving technology and a shift in workforce needs will continue to shape the trends we’ll see in 2018. 

Total compensation statements: Don’t overlook their morale-building value

Employers across the country indirectly increased employees’ compensation recently, and in many companies, it seemed like nobody noticed. Why? Because management was guilty of a big oversight. 

Why organizations need a program to promote peer recognition in the workplace

Well, whaddya know? It is actually better to give than to receive.  

The most twisted list of holiday party fouls you’ll read this year

OK. It’s time for the annual holiday party no-no story — the one where we run down all the bad things that might get employers in legal trouble during a get-together that’s supposed to celebrate the season and raise morale. Except, we’re going to turn the entire concept on its head.

Is this worker’s lawsuit legit, or a new low point for employees everywhere?

Chances are you’ve heard of some lawsuits that were pretty “out there,” but you probably haven’t heard of one quite like this. 

Why you may want to consider a ‘napping room’ (we’re not kidding)

Employers spend vast amounts of time and resources combating costly chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and obesity — and rightly so. But there’s one health condition that’s largely ignored by health-management programs. — and it’s likely having a negative impact on your employees.  

Maybe March Madness isn’t such a great morale-builder after all

Every year at this time, scores of employers lose countless hours of work time and obscene amounts of money because of a little thing called March Madness, the start of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. But this year, employers are a little less likely to take the usual “Well, what can we do?” approach.  

Should you put employees on same-gender teams – or mix things up?

Here’s something you might guess: Men like working with other men, and women like working with other women. But here’s something you might not: That’s not a good HR strategy.