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Does your handbook say this … ? If so, it’s time for a rewrite

One federal agency continues to take the shredder to common, and seemingly harmless, employer policies. And this time, it may have made its most head-scratching move of them all. 

Looks like the union ‘quickie election’ rule is here to stay

The NLRB’s “quickie election” rule has survived another court challenge — and it could be the last one.  

Workers can get away with what? A ruling you have to see to believe

A U.S. appeals court just issued some news employers will find very disturbing: There are times when employers have to just stand by and watch their workers disparage their businesses. 

Yet another contractor classification test you need to know

Just when we all thought the argument over which test to use to determine if someone’s an independent contractor or not was settled by the DOL, two more tests (one old, one new) enter the fray. 

NLRB fails to apply ‘common sense,’ gets smackdown in court

This new court ruling is a clear shot across the bow of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). 

One unbelievable NLRB ruling: Racist comments protected

This ruling’s going to scare the pants off a lot of employers — and it should.

They’re here: NLRB’s ‘quickie elections’ rules are now official

“April is the cruelest month,” T.S. Eliot said. And April 2015 is especially cruel — the National Labor Relations Board’s “ambush elections” rules went into effect.  

Unbelievable: NLRB rules worker’s ‘F*** his family’ statement is protected speech

The worst kept secret in HR: The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is doing whatever it can to “protect employees speech rights” — or, as many employers see it, give workers the green light to say pretty much whatever they want about their employers. 

How Obama responded to GOP’s attempt to burn down union-friendly election rule

The National Labor Relations Board new election rules, dubbed the “ambush election” or “quickie election” rules by critics, is a big windfall for unions. So, naturally, the GOP is staunchly opposed to them. 

Employee handbooks: Feds spell out what you can, can’t include

HR pros may want to take a closer look at their employee handbook — and ASAP.