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Trump’s driver sues for years of unpaid overtime

Donald Trump’s former driver claims to be owed years of overtime pay, and the potential FLSA violation could end up costing the President hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Can employees voluntarily refuse overtime pay? DOL weighs in

Citywide Protection Services formed an agreement with its security guards: The guards could work extra hours in exchange for straight-time pay only — no time-and-a-half. 

Dangers of letting non-exempt workers go home with cell phones

Non-exempt employees who respond to work-related e-mails and text messages after-hours must be paid for their time. That’s the message in a recent federal court decision.

Furloughs and the FLSA: How to handle tricky new comp issues

Cutting salaries and adjusting work schedules for exempt and non-exempt employees just got easier, thanks to the Department of Labor.