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Workers complaining about pay? What you can’t say to them now

There are three phrases you and your managers must be careful NOT to say to employees who walk off the job complaining about pay or scheduling. 

EEOC updates pay reporting proposed rule: What’s new?

This past winter, the EEOC issued a proposed rule what would change the EEO-1 reporting requirements of employers. Now, after having listened to public comments on that proposal, the agency has issued an update. Here’s what you need to know. 

It can happen to anyone: Biz owner gets jail time for wage violations

Most wage-and-hour violators are met with fines and damage penalties. But it’s also possible to go to jail for them. Is there anything scarier than that? 

New rule: Employees of federal contractors must be free to discuss pay

You’d think this would’ve gone without saying, given all of the one-sided legal hullabaloo in this area recently. But this is the federal government we’re talking about, and what should go without saying must be said (or, rather, carved into stone).

2 big reasons employees are more willing to quit than ever before

There are two recent findings by the DOL that don’t look good for your retention efforts.

10 most effective employee retention methods

Employers are not too proud to admit it: They have an employee retention problem. But the good news is they’re reporting there are tactics and programs working to keep top employees on board — and the majority don’t involve bumping up employees’ pay.

11 essentials for your FMLA policy

Intermittent leave has rapidly become the No. 1 headache for HR/Benefits pros everywhere. But adding these measures to your FMLA policy will certainly ease the pain. 

When ‘on call’ crosses the line to overtime

Pop quiz: Were these workers entitled to overtime pay?

Gas price outlook not good for your commuters

Looks like employees’ take-home pay isn’t going to go as far this winter – literally.

More workers’ attitudes sour about retirement

Everyone knew that the recession would hurt a lot of workers’ abilities to retire when they wanted to. But the latest figures show just how badly people have been affected.