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State of the performance review 2017: What the best companies are doing today

Performance reviews. Everybody agrees that the old approach — sit the employee down and tell them where they’ve been underperforming for the past 12 months — just doesn’t work.  So what does?  

This may surprise you: How much employees hate traditional performance reviews

It probably comes as no surprise that employees and managers are not big fans of traditional performance reviews. But what may surprise you is just how much employees despise these reviews — and how they could be driving top talent out the door. 

Top 10 mistakes managers make when giving feedback

Orchestrating a great feedback session is as much about what you shouldn’t do as what you should. 

Do’s and don’ts to make performance reviews actually mean something

Everybody hates performance reviews. That’s a given. But there are ways to move them out of the “dreaded chore” category into the file titled “engagement tools.”

Avoid legal pitfalls: 8 quick performance review do’s and don’ts

“It’s the best time of the year — time for performance reviews!” said no one, ever. Both managers and employees get anxious when annual reviews come around. But managers may have it worse. 

Does your employee review process actually improve performance?

Performance reviews: The most-dreaded procedure in every workplace, painful for workers and managers alike. Here are some thoughts about why they’re often not effective, and how HR can help managers understand just how reviews should be useful to both employer and employee.

Poor performance uncovered while worker’s out on FMLA: Can she be fired?

Employers often get very nervous about taking disciplinary action against a staffer who’s just taken — or has just returned from — FMLA leave. A recent court decision illustrates that you might have more room to maneuver than you thought.

15 questions to make you think twice about performance reviews

Performance reviews are a sticky subject — and no one knows that better than Samuel Culbert, a management professor at UCLA. Check out his set of cogent questions in this Guest Post and see if your answers change the way you look at your organization’s review procedures.

Here’s an FMLA danger zone you might have overlooked

A recent court ruling offers a reminder of an oft-overlooked area where FMLA regs get companies in trouble: performance reviews.

Top 10: The legal issues HR needs to watch the rest of 2012

You’re just coming off a hectic holiday weekend – a good time to catch your breath and take a look at the big picture. Here’s an overview of the potential legal snares you’ll need to be aware of in the second half of 2012.