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A 2020 vision: Is your benefits package ready for the future?

Benefits play a pivotal role these days, and pros know how tough it is to keep good people, so many employers are upping their game when it comes to offering their employees a comprehensive benefits package. 

Win the war for talent: 7 perks job candidates say they want

Every HR pro’s been here before: You find a candidate with all the right qualifications, only to have them slip away right before closing the deal. 

When do workplace incentives become disincentives?

Does your incentive program bolster company culture or diminish it?  Guest poster Catherine Spence explores how companies can design incentives that strengthen engagement and reinforce organizational values.  

A few ideas to make employees feel better — and happier to be with you

The news on employee engagement and morale hasn’t exactly been cheery lately. Suzanne Lucas has some suggestions for steps you might take to make your people feel a little better.  

What’s the best way to keep turnover down? Money, employees say

About four in 10 employers think they’re likely to lose key talent in 2013. So what’s going to convince your best and the brightest to stick around?

Case study: Communication, small perks kept our best people on board

Periodically, we like to share the success stories of companies dealing with HR issues. This case study comes courtesy of Paul Graziani, CEO of Analytical Graphics in Exton, PA.

The 4 most coveted summer benefits

To make your company a more attractive place to work, here are four no-to-low-cost benefits to turn to when the weather heats up.

10 more innovative (and affordable) perks employees love

If you want the best and brightest workers, your company needs to have the goods to attract (and retain) them. These companies do.

Fewer CEOs collecting bonuses, incentives, perks

Companies are getting stingier when it comes to offering CEOs juicy benefits.

’Tis the season for not giving: More employers cut holiday bonuses, perks

The days of company holiday parties and year-end bonuses may be coming to an end.