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Policy changes? Here’s how to get employees on board

Nobody likes change. And when new policies go into effect, it can be tough to get everyone through the transition stress-free.

Fully healed policies: Court ruling highlights new danger for HR

It’s not uncommon for employers to have some type of company-wide policy requiring all employees on leave to get a doctor certification that they’re cleared to come back to work. But as a recent lawsuit shows, if that policy is fairly rigid, it can put your company in legal danger. It can also lead to […] [MORE]

Friendly court reminder: Policies can’t stop workers from talking about pay

By now, most savvy companies know they can’t bar employees from discussing such things as salaries and working conditions. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some companies out there that try to do it anyway. 

The opioid epidemic and your prescription drug policy: Is an update needed?

If prescription drug abuse is affecting your employees, you’re not alone. 

Does your FMLA policy jibe with DOL’s latest move?

The DOL’s latest FMLA move has made reviewing your leave policy a must — or you could face penalties. 

Top performers dating despite company policy: What should HR do?

Periodically, we ask three HR pros how they’d handle a difficult situation at work. Today’s problem: A company’s best employees have just been linked romantically — which is against company policy.

5 ways to stop FMLA abuse dead in its tracks

FMLA abuse: With all of the laws out there protecting employee rights, many employers feel it’s a problem they are powerless to stop. 

Health reform: Feds make it easier to find plan savings

The White House touted the health reform law as one that would lower costs and let companies keep their health plans if they liked their coverage. Well, it didn’t appear to be working out as planned, so the feds made a change.

Why it may be time to rethink your PTO policy

Under traditional paid-time-off (PTO) plans, the longer people stay with the company, the more vacation time they earn. But that may no longer be the best way to run these plans.

Company’s rep easy to trash on Facebook: What HR can do

Are your managers concerned employees are wasting too much time on Facebook and Twitter? Well, they might have something bigger to worry about.