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4 ways open office spaces can do more harm than good

While many companies are eliminating cube walls in an attempt to foster more collaboration between employees, a recent study shows this could be achieving the opposite effect. 

10 signs your workplace culture is toxic (and how to fix it)

It’s a hard thing to admit … that your work culture may be toxic. But identifying the symptoms and finding the antidotes for them can quickly improve morale, engagement, retention and productivity. Let’s get started. 

Study: 90% of employees who take regular lunch breaks are more productive

Hard-working employees who skip lunch breaks can benefit employers in the meantime, but could come back to haunt them in the long run. 

Employees name 4 biggest workplace distractions: Here’s how to help them

It’s not surprising that a recent survey found 69% of full-time employees get distracted at work. The more interesting finding is that 70% of workers think their managers could help them focus better through training. 

This may be the key to increasing employee productivity: Financial education at work

Many companies do not realize this, but many of their employees struggle with an escalating epidemic that is affecting today’s workforce. 

Why employee engagement matters – and 4 ways to build it up

As you know, employee engagement is an important factor in how well organizations function. But how important is it, really? Joe Wedgwood of The Happiness Index answers that question using the latest research on engagement — and he provides some helpful tips on how to improve engagement in your organization. 

Busting up the professional ghosting culture: A how-to guide

You’ve asked a colleague for some feedback on one of your proposals, but after a week there’s still no response. It’s not a “yes,” but it’s not a “no.” It’s just a silent abyss that queries get sent into, never to return. You’re in a ghosting limbo. 

The 10 oddest things HR managers have caught employees doing

A survey was just conducted to find out what’s stifling employee productivity, and HR managers revealed some disturbing things about their workers. 

Why you may want to consider a ‘napping room’ (we’re not kidding)

Employers spend vast amounts of time and resources combating costly chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and obesity — and rightly so. But there’s one health condition that’s largely ignored by health-management programs. — and it’s likely having a negative impact on your employees.  

Eyebrow-raising stats that will drive workers to wellness

There are some pretty shocking stats out there that could be used to spark more participation in employer wellness programs.