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Company’s mandatory retirement policy cost it $47K

Firing an employee for violating company policy isn’t unusual. And typically, policies help companies defend their actions.  But when the policy is discriminatory, following it can be costly. 

Lessons learned from a tidal wave of 401(k) fee suits: How to keep your company safe

Delta Airlines recently became the latest organization embattled in a highly publicized retirement plan lawsuit over its allegedly excessive 401(k) fees. Unfortunately, the company could’ve avoided its fate by taking a few extra steps. 

Expert: The staggering new retirement savings number millennials have to hit

Want to jolt your younger workers into contributing more to your company-sponsored retirement plans? Just show them this figure. 

2 big pieces of news in the world of retirement planning

Two very interesting things happened in the world of retirement planning this week that employers will want to take note of. 

Supreme Court could make you more vulnerable to a 401k suit

HR pros will want to keep a close eye on a 401k lawsuit the High Court just agreed to take up — because depending on how this unfolds, employees may have even more power to come after their employers for charging excessive plan fees.  

Second-richest man proposes 3-day workweek (and it’s not as crazy as it sounds)

At a business conference in Paraguay, business tycoon Carlos Slim made a pitch that will certainly the eyebrows of your employees. 

Obama’s myRA retirement accounts: 9 questions answered

Direct-deposit retirement accounts are on the horizon, according to President Obama. Here’s how it’ll affect you.

Employee fired for emailing porn – so why’s he suing?

A worker is fired for emailing porn via his company email address. Then he sues, claiming he was really let go so the firm wouldn’t have to pay for his retirement benefits. Read the dramatized version of this real-life case and see if you can determine the outcome. 

Retirement picture gets even bleaker for older workers

You know that more and more older employees are putting off retirement. Well, the situation’s getting worse.

Retirement in jeopardy: More staffers withdrawing from savings

An alarming trend could be affecting your staffers’ ability to save for retirement — and your return on investment for 401(k) and other retirement programs.