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‘Your pregnancy doesn’t fit in our plans’ won’t cut it with the EEOC

No question, the feds have gotten a lot more aggressive in enforcing laws against pregnancy discrimination. And employers shouldn’t expect that business considerations will serve as a shield against prosecution.  

Risky business: Pay discrimination case costs federal contractor $1.2M

Seems like LexisNexis Risk Solutions should have known what was at stake when it paid female employees substantially less than their male counterparts for work on federal contracts.  

Noose, ‘N-word’ lead to $3.6M race discrimination settlement

Here’s an extreme example of how an employer can be left holding the bag for some of its managers’ thoughtless actions.  

Is paying $100M in IC settlement really a win for Uber?

In the latest chapter of two highly publicized lawsuits involving independent contractors (ICs), Uber is officially on the hook for $100 million to its drivers. But did the ride-hailing company actually come out on top with this settlement?  

Former HR manager gets $188k to settle disability discrimination case

Sad reminder: Even HR professionals can get entangled in discrimination issues.  

Another female field worker harassment settlement: $3.8 million

Last week, we carried a story about a company that was forced to pay $30,000 for the alleged harassment of a female field worker. Here’s a similar tale — but the numbers are considerably larger.  

Talk about ‘loose lips’: Facebook post scuttles bias settlement

We’re betting there’s one employer in Florida who’s feeling pretty lucky right now. And we’d also wager there’s a college kid in the Sunshine State who won’t be taking any European trips this year.  

3 new hard-to-believe sexual harassment cases

These three cases are about as bad as sexual harassment lawsuits get.

New sexual harassment settlements: From apology letters to misdemeanors

Three restaurants or restaurant chains have all recently settled egregious sexual harassment claims — including one class-action suit stemming from 1988 against a popular fast-food establishment.

IRS advisory board suggests ways to trim misclassifications

If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) takes its advisory council’s suggestions to heart, you may be reclassifying some workers.