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The 5 best stories from biggest HR event of the year

This year, tens of thousands of HR professionals descended upon Washington, D.C. for the biggest HR event of the year. HR Morning was in attendance, and here is the best intel we gathered on the most important issues you face in the coming year. 

Searching for the skilled: It’s a jungle out there, report says

HR pros are constantly on the hunt for the best talent. And it’s a tough trek these days.  

Leadership: Does your workforce have the horsepower to take your firm into the future?

Is American business facing a leadership crisis? 

Do your employees feel safe in the workplace?

With all of the news coverage of terrible violence in public places, it’s no wonder some businesses are asking: “Could we be vulnerable?”  

Are nine out of 10 of your employees satisfied with their jobs?

U.S. workers are feeling good about their jobs again.  

Overall job satisfaction’s OK, but workers still chafe at lack of advancement

Slightly more than eight in 10 workers are satisfied, overall, with their jobs, a new survey says. That’s good. But less than half of those employees feel good about how their career’s advancing. That’s bad.

Massive study shows true return on wellness plan investment

Upper management is rarely willing to sink money into wellness ideas that are based on conclusions drawn from a single survey or two, and for good reason. But it’s hard to ignore this data that shows a whopping return on investment (ROI) for wellness initiatives.

Ready for the post-Boomer retirement brain drain?

With all the talk about how Baby Boomers are putting off retirement, are employers really looking at a critical skills shortage in the coming years?

The tough stance on benefits many employers are taking

During the past six months, 20% of employers have cut back on employee benefits. And if the economy doesn’t improve, 32% say they’ll do the same in the next six months.

How much does it cost to find the right people?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to provide the bean counters with an accurate number on what it costs to find — and snag — the best employees? Our friends at SHRM think they’ve come up with a formula.