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IBM’s job application gaffe holds an important lesson for all employers

There’s an important lesson for organizations of all sizes in a recent embarrassment for one of the world’s best-known companies – check your job postings carefully before they go up on the internet!

Is flipping off the President a fireable offense? Sure. But should firm have done it?

When a government contractor fired an employee over a Facebook photo that showed her giving the middle finger to President Trump, it probably didn’t expect such a widespread negative reaction from the public. But that’s just what happened to Akima LLC.

Facebook photos showed FMLA abuse, so why won’t court dismiss case?

If an employee is supposed to be on FMLA because a medical condition prevents him for handling the day-to-day tasks of his job, you’d think a couple of photos of him frolicking about on a Caribbean island during his leave would be enough to prove he was abusing his FMLA leave. And it probably could’ve […] [MORE]

Well, that was dumb: Facebook post gets man fired for FMLA abuse

It never ceases to amaze what kinds of social media posts employees feel are OK. How could this man have possibly thought it was appropriate to post this while on FMLA leave? 

Using social media for recruiting continues to grow: Survey

Social media has become a fact of life in many companies’ recruiting — and screening — process.  

Don’t do it: 5 costly hiring mistakes employers are making

Some analysts are predicting 2015 will be a big year for hiring. That’s good news. But the bad news is some employers have glaring holes in their hiring processes. 

You won’t believe where employees are taking conference calls

Conference calls are a necessary part of managing an increasingly remote and mobile workforce. But how much of employees’ attention do you really have on these calls? This news isn’t going to sit well with you.

When HR’s worst Facebook nightmare becomes a reality

Social media can certainly help employers in a lot of ways. But here’s an alarming example of the sad fact that even if you do everything right on social media, it can still burn you down. 

Social media laws by state: Rules employers need to know

To access or not to access employees’ (or job candidates’) social media accounts? It’s a tricky — and risky — question for employers. 

Ruling: What’s not allowed when accessing employees’ social media sites

There are a lot of laws HR pros pay close attention to (FMLA, ADA, FLSA, etc.), but the Stored Communications Act typically isn’t one of them. That should change.