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Manager harassed men and women equally: Did that make it OK?

This company thought it was legal to keep a manager around who harassed men and women equally. One thing they forgot about: State law usurping federal law. 

3 dumb retaliation cases that cost firms big

Retaliation is the most common employment discrimination claim for the third year running – and that’s no surprise, what with the way these three firms acted.

High Court to decide legal definition of ‘supervisor’: Why that matters to employers

The Supreme Court is currently mulling over one of the most basic questions in today’s workplace: Who fits the legal definition of “supervisor”?

NLRB putting the squeeze on Internet use policies?

The National Labor Relations Board has stepped into the discussion about what your employees can and can’t say over the Internet.

Did his boss make him sick?

Employees can claim ADA protection for a variety of physical and mental conditions. But is work-related stress one of them?

7 signs candidate will be a bad manager

Whether you’re hiring from outside or promoting from within, companies have a lot riding on putting the right people in supervisory positions. How can HR help identify the best leaders for the organization?

5 traits to look for next time you hire a supervisor

Here’s a checklist of traits you can use the next time you need to find the perfect person for a managerial position:

Bad managers blame HR

When asked the question of why they’re not doing a good job, many managers have a stock reply: “It’s HR’s fault.”