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Keys to effective succession planning: Talent management special report

Are changes in your market forcing a change in strategy that will demand new talent? Have one or more of your long-time stars started thinking about moving to a competitor or retiring? Or are you just trying to make sure the wheels keep turning for a few weeks or months if one of your top […] [MORE]

Talent management: The 4 big challenges for HR [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to managing your company’s talent, are you on top of these four issues?    

Guest post: How HR has failed, and how to fix it

In the beginning, there was the Personnel Department. Its job was to handle the mechanics of hiring and firing – basically, a clerical operation. Then came Human Resources, which was supposed to transform the department’s role into a dynamic player in finding, developing and keeping top talent. So why hasn’t that transformation taken place? Consultant […] [MORE]