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Friendly court reminder: Policies can’t stop workers from talking about pay

By now, most savvy companies know they can’t bar employees from discussing such things as salaries and working conditions. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some companies out there that try to do it anyway. 

Was $666 raise given to label union-organizer the Antichrist?

Another day, another court battle centered around a non-union employer that allegedly retaliated against employees who successfully launched a union-organizing campaign. Was giving them sub-par raises of $666 an “unmistakable” attempt to brand the organizers the Antichrist or the Devil.

NLRB website tries a new approach to appeal to employees

You thought the National Labor Relations Board was just a bunch of stuffy lawyers. But judging by the new NLRB website, they’ve added some marketing folks to the staff.

NLRB passes ‘quickie union election’ rule – and gets sued for it

The NLRB just made it easier for employees to unionize – but two business groups have already filed suit challenging the new rules.

NLRB delays posting requirement – again

The war against the NLRB’s right-to-unionize poster will continue long into the new year.

Really? Workers vote out union, but NLRB says it can stay

The majority of a company’s employees voted against union representation, but the NLRB says they can’t kick the union out. Why? Because an angry manager made some not-so-smart comments.

New bill would help employers fight off unions

Ever suspected a union organizer was in your midst? New legislation just introduced in Congress may give employers the power to terminate certain organizers.

Got a giant rat outside? It’s cool, NLRB says

Picture this: There’s been no talk of union organizing at your company. Yet a 16-foot inflatable rat has been placed outside your building to protest the fact that you’ve hired a non-union contractor. What do you do?

Top 10 Signs Unions Are Organizing Behind Your Back

Employee benefits cost enough as it is. And those costs could escalate rapidly – if a union gets a foothold in your organization.

How many ‘grandfathered’ plans will survive — and for how long?

It appears as though most employers would rather have the flexibility to change their health plans than be severely limited by the regulations that’d allow them to maintain their “grandfathered status.”