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Why it may make sense to force employees to use FMLA leave

FMLA leave and vacation time collide in this bizarre case involving poultry, Guatemala and a massive miscommunication.

The latest on how managers ruin vacations, bully employees

Here are two new ways your managers are screwing up. 

What are more employees doing on vacation? Working

You give employees vacation time so they can kick back, relax and come back to work refreshed and more productive. Well, that’s not what’s happening.

Are your workers actually using their vacation time in 2012?

Tight economic times have caused many employees to skip their annual vacations, but it looks like a lot of their managers are finding time to get away.

‘The Fool’s Errand’ – clever benefit fights burnout, boosts productivity

Even if you offer generous vacation benefits, there’s always going to be that one person who refuses to take time off and burns out because of it. But not at this company. It’s created a clever way of preventing employees from burning the candle at both ends.

More workers comfortable with taking a vacation this year

Get ready: Employees who put off their vacations may be ready to start taking them in the summer months ahead.

‘Tis the season: Encourage your people to take a break

Another sign the economy’s crawling back: A substantial number of workers feel better about taking vacation this year than they did in Summer 2010.

What would you do? When FMLA turns into tropical holiday

Periodically, we ask three managers how they’d handle a difficult situation at work. Today’s problem: A top performer appears to have “gamed” the company’s FMLA leave system.

One benefit employees aren’t using: Vacation time

Offering generous benefits may attract tons of talent, but it could be a retention killer if employees can’t use them.

Why Germans get more — way more — vacation time

How is it that Germans get the same amount of work done, while taking more vacation time throughout the year? You can find the answer around your company’s coffee machine.