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Feeling the burnout? 3 ways to revive your employees

HR pros know how important it is to help employees avoid stress and burnout, and a lot of companies are doing their best to tackle this issue. 

Wellness program requirements and retaliation: An expensive mix

The feds do allow companies to employ “negative incentives” to boost wellness program participation. But as this case proves, you’ve got to tread carefully.  

EEOC issues final wellness rule: What’s allowed, what isn’t

Finally, employers have the info they’ve been seeking on how to design their wellness programs so they don’t violate the ADA — or other federal laws. 

Bottled air: The next big thing in employee perks?

In an era when companies compete to offer the most outlandish employee perks, we believe we’ve discovered the winner.  

How have corporate wellness programs evolved? (Infographic)

Many employers think of wellness as a relatively new fad. But the truth is, these programs have been around for a long, long time.  

A new way to measure the return on your wellness program investment

One of the biggest of criticisms of workplace wellness programs is the fact that it’s difficult (if not impossible) to determine the dollars-and-cents Return On Investment (ROI). As a result, employers are turning to another metric to gauge the overall success of their wellness programs.  

EEOC’s proposed regs aim to ‘harmonize’ wellness programs and GINA

Employers may soon have a lot more freedom to get employees’ spouses involved in their wellness plans.  

4 reasons you need a wellness committee

The success of any wellness program rests on getting maximum employee buy-in. And the best way to get that buy-in is with the help of a diverse group of workers.

Be careful of what employees wish for in your wellness programs

There’s good news and there’s bad news regarding wellness programs. The good news: Workers do seem to have a keen interest in wellness. The bad: What they want could put employers in the feds’ crosshairs.  

Could key element in your wellness program be in jeopardy?

Health-risk assessments (HRAs) and biometric screenings have been the cornerstones of many employer wellness programs for years. But the author of GINA is urging the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to make some rules that could change all that.