The 5 ways HR pros use technology in the hiring process [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 ways technology can help HR do its job better

Don’t be afraid: Technology is here to make finding new candidates easier.

Recruiterbox has put together an infographic highlighting the different ways HR professionals are using technology to recruit and hire better.
First, some pertinent stats:

  • More than 90% of employers will use social media to recruit this year
  • 73% of recruiters will check applicants’ social media profiles, and
  • the hiring process alone can cost up to $4,000.

So what technologies help HR the most?

  • Mobile devices/apps. A full 70% of people use their mobile devices to look for jobs.
  • Recruiting software. More than a quarter of firms use an applicant tracking system to manage the hiring process — and over 40% of recruiters say the quality of their applicants has improved as a result of social recruiting.
  • Social media. Nearly 60% of companies have successfully hired staffers using social media platforms.
  • Online classifieds. Career sites account for 23% of external hires, and 18% come via job boards.
  • Video chat. More than 40% of interviews involving senior execs, management and entry-level employees used video as part of the hiring process.

Check out the full infographic below, and then let us know how you use technology to aid in the hiring process in the comments section:
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