Your peers' hiring plans

Does your company plan on hiring additional full-time employees in the next few months? How about reducing headcount? If you said no to both, you aren’t alone.
More than 64% of employers expect staffing levels to remain steady in this year’s second quarter, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. Just 14% said they plan on adding staff. Another 14% will reduce the number of employees, and 7% aren’t sure.
As for 2009 so far:

  • 13% of employers increased headcount in the first quarter
  • 16% reduced headcount, and
  • 60% saw no change.

Companies’ salary plans for this quarter follow a similar pattern:

  • 46% expect compensation to stay flat
  • 29% expect to give raises averaging from 1% to 3%
  • 12% expect raises to range from 4% to 10%
  • 1% will give raises greater than 10%, and
  • 5% expect compensation to decrease.

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