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Age bias lawsuit: Little white lies about worker’s departure come back to haunt employer

Sometimes employers feel the need to fib a little about why an employee is leaving the company – to avoid damaging morale.

What? Company never filled position, but still wound up in court for age bias

All it takes is one ill-advised comment like this from a manager for an employer to get sued for bias.

Age bias cost Staples how much?

This straightforward age bias case got a lot less straightforward when a jury awarded the 66-year-old victim in question a jaw-dropping $26 million.

Age bias: Key workplace issue is here to stay

New research and two recent settlements illustrate that age discrimination is still a huge issue for employers — and it’s not likely to go away anytime soon.

Did CEO really call veteran staffer ‘old and ugly?’

This company tried to win an age bias suit on a technicality after a CEO called a worker “old and ugly.” Here’s why it didn’t work. 

Why you need to put ‘age bias’ on your list of critical concerns

Two recent reports indicate that it’s time to be increasingly sensitive to the issue of age discrimination in the workplace.  

Manager’s shockingly dumb comment sinks firm in court

Oh, those wacky managers — can’t live with them, can’t live without ’em. But company officials should be kicking themselves for this supervisor’s mental lapse that put his firm in court.

Who won this case: Fired after refusing to sign discipline doc — was it age bias?

An over-50 employee refuses to sign a document saying she made a mistake that cost the company money. After she’s fired, she sues for age bias.  Did she win? Read the dramatized version of this real-life case and see if you can determine the outcome.

Is it OK to call older employee ‘Pops’ and ‘Old Man’?

It’s certainly no secret that age bias claims are on the rise. So here’s a reminder to managers: Calling an older employee “pops” and “old man” — and harassing him to the point where he quits his job — might not work out that well in the long run.

What were they thinking? Speedos and facial hair

Occasionally, we run into stories that make us slap our foreheads and ask, “What were they thinking?” Here are a couple of examples.