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This social media policy sure seems shaky, don’t you think?

It seems policy makers for the town of South Pittsburg, TN, may not have been paying attention.  Overly-restrictive social media…Click to continue

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    GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report: The Most Comprehensive Analysis Available

    The GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report remains the only large-scale nonprofit compensation analysis based entirely on IRS data. This authoritative report gives nonprofits the information they need to establish appropriate compensation and demonstrate to grantmakers, oversight agencies, and individual donors that the salaries and benefits they offer are justified.

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    There are many more factors for employers to consider when selecting a Health Savings Account (HSA) administrator. UMB's white paper A Closer Look at Choosing an HSA Administrator will take you through the features you should be considering when making your selection, including hassle-free administration straightforward pricing, and other important details.

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    The Complete Benefits Renewal Checklist

    Private exchanges are an emerging trend for HR departments and businesses who want to provide employees with leading technology and affordable, customizable benefits packages. Download the Free Checklist Today!

  • nova logoOnline Master of Science in Employment Law

    Today’s employers are facing a perfect storm of economic pressures, an aging workforce, intrusive technologies, and new government mandates on healthcare and more. Meanwhile, employees are required to do more with less, pay higher benefit costs, and work into what would have traditionally been their retirement years. Add 24/7 connectivity, a multigenerational workforce, diversity concerns, privacy breaches and labor unions, and you have a landscape ripe for litigation. That’s where you can make a difference, starting today. Learn more!


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    5 Simple Steps to Developing a Competitive Pay Practice

    In today’s competitive environment, employees are more educated than ever before about the current salary rates in their location and industry. If you want your business to remain competitive, and retain top talent, you need to stay one-step ahead of your competition, and have a solid pay strategy that’s based on accurate salary data – not speculation. Here are a few simple steps to get you closer to a compensation strategy that retains talent and keeps your company ahead of the curve.

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