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Check your health plan: EEOC says denying this coverage is now discriminatory

Excluding a certain type of coverage from your company’s health plan has officially become risky business — even though it’s possible the same couldn’t have been said about this exclusion a few years ago. 

Feds say state’s ‘Bathroom Bill’ is a civil rights violation

This past week, the EEOC and DOJ strengthened their stance on transgender discrimination in light of North Carolina’s controversial “Bathroom Bill.” 

A first: Transgender sex bias case settled for $150K

A health clinic in Florida has the dubious distinction of becoming the first employer to settle an EEOC claim of sex discrimination against a transgender employee.  

Transgender employees protected against bias, EEOC says

Transgender individuals can sue for gender discrimination, according to a recent EEOC ruling.

Transgender employee wins sex bias lawsuit

What would your managers do if a male employee announced he would start coming to work dressed as a woman?

Was company biased against transgender employee?

A recent case adds an item to the list of pitfalls HR and hiring managers need to watch out for: transgender discrimination.