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Business bares all for training video

You stand on your head coming up with new ways to get employees interested in your company’s training material, so how is one business spicing things up?

The Associated Press reports that members of New Zealand’s national airline cabin crew have come up with a fresh though cheeky video of in-flight safety for their customers. Shedding traditional clothes in exchange for nothing but painted-on uniforms, three cabin staff and a pilot talk viewers through the aircraft’s safety procedures. But don’t worry, the crew’s more sensitive areas are well concealed behind a demonstration seat belt, life jacket and arm rests.

The “Bare Essentials of Safety” has been a major hit among passengers, as well as online viewers. The video had 1.2 million YouTube hits within four days of its launch.

With such popularity, the same idea is also being used in a series of television advertisements for the airline, one featuring the chief executive in nothing but full body paint.

With everyone walking on eggshells about the economy, it pays to be the company that makes people smile.

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