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Employees trash HR in detailed new report: Their top complaints

The Human Resources department is supposed to be the center of effective communication and employee engagement, but an eye-opening new report reveals many employees feel HR is anything but.

No, Finance should NOT be running HR

It’s not a new idea, but its idiocy remains ever-fresh: “Finance should run HR.”

Report: FMLA absences up more than 10%

The amount of workers who filed for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) job protection this year has increased by more than 10%, according to a recent report.

5 sweet perks to working in HR/Benefits today

There’s no doubt that a lot of people are suffering out there today — either due to heavier workloads or, worse yet, unemployment. But HR and Benefits pros may be the lucky ones.

2 companies make $10M employee classification mistake

For every worker, HR and benefits pros have to be able to answer the following question correctly — and with absolute certainty.

Did you hear the one about the woman who puked at her interview …

… And still managed to get the job?

HR’s Lighter side: For anyone who’s ever said, ‘This place is a zoo’

Let’s say you want to attract a group of HR managers to a benefits seminar. Where would you hold the meeting? One Houston company picked a unique venue that somehow must have a connection with human resources.

Top 5 employer concerns of 2010

What are your peers’ top five concerns heading into the rest of 2010? A recent study reveals what HR and benefits pros are thinking and doing.

Obama’s budget: 6 big changes for HR

A few surprises for employers are lurking in the President’s newly released Fiscal Year 2011 budget proposal.

Allowing subordinates to interview manager candidates: Pros and cons

The latest debate in HR is whether underlings should sit in on an interview with someone who’s applying to be their boss. Some love the idea. Others, not so much.