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5 ways HR can win over skeptics in the C-Suite

One of the biggest challenges HR pros face is getting upper management to view them as trusted, vital partners – not a department that’s essentially an ever-expanding expense item and necessary evil.

Employees trash HR in detailed new report: Their top complaints

The Human Resources department is supposed to be the center of effective communication and employee engagement, but an eye-opening new report reveals many employees feel HR is anything but.

No, Finance should NOT be running HR

It’s not a new idea, but its idiocy remains ever-fresh: “Finance should run HR.”

Report: FMLA absences up more than 10%

The amount of workers who filed for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) job protection this year has increased by more than 10%, according to a recent report.

5 sweet perks to working in HR/Benefits today

There’s no doubt that a lot of people are suffering out there today — either due to heavier workloads or, worse yet, unemployment. But HR and Benefits pros may be the lucky ones.

2 companies make $10M employee classification mistake

For every worker, HR and benefits pros have to be able to answer the following question correctly — and with absolute certainty.

Did you hear the one about the woman who puked at her interview …

… And still managed to get the job?

HR’s Lighter side: For anyone who’s ever said, ‘This place is a zoo’

Let’s say you want to attract a group of HR managers to a benefits seminar. Where would you hold the meeting? One Houston company picked a unique venue that somehow must have a connection with human resources.

Top 5 employer concerns of 2010

What are your peers’ top five concerns heading into the rest of 2010? A recent study reveals what HR and benefits pros are thinking and doing.

Obama’s budget: 6 big changes for HR

A few surprises for employers are lurking in the President’s newly released Fiscal Year 2011 budget proposal.