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He makes how much!? 5 odd jobs & their pay

Did you even know there was such a thing as an airplane repo man? Well there is. And those in the profession have the potential to make crazy money.

Jason Daniels at recently scoured the web looking for odd jobs that pay well.

Here are the most unusual vocations of the ones he found that pay very well:

(From lowest-paid to highest-paid)

  • Australian submarine cook. The Australian Navy says this is a critical position. That explains the pay — $60K to start.
  • Voice-over artist. Ever wonder what those baritones who voice-over movie trailers make? Well, know you know — the highly sought-after ones make up to $80K per year.
  • Crop duster. A good pilot can be hard to come by, let alone one who lives near America’s farmlands and is willing to fly close to the ground. That’s why they can earn $80K.
  • Computer hackers. These are the ones who steal personal info or try to infiltrate company or government servers. These are the folks who test the weaknesses in computer systems, and they’re paid handsomely for it. These specialized workers can earn $120K.
  • Airplane repo men. Yes, airplanes can be repossessed, too. And those doing the repossessing are reported to earn 6% to 10% commission on the resale of the plans they repossess. That can lead to an income upwards of $900K.

Source:Unusual Jobs and Their Paydays,” by Jason Daniels,, 5/17/12.

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