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Employees holiday shopping on your time

CyberMonday may have come and gone, but brace yourself: At least half of your employees plan to shop online during work hours between now and Christmas.

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According to a recent survey from CareerBuilder, 49% of employees said they’d be doing their shopping from their desks this year. That’s on par with the last several years, CareerBuilder said.

Shopping from the office is most common in the weeks leading up to Dec. 25, with 30% saying they’re most likely to shop from work after Dec. 7. The study also revealed that a higher percentage of women (43%) have shopped online while at the office compared to men (36%).

Some employers aren’t all that happy with this kind of non-work Internet usage:

  • 25% of employers have fired someone for using the Internet for non-work related activity
  • 7% of hiring managers have fired an employee for holiday shopping at work, and
  • 53% of employers block employees from accessing certain websites.

Pointing out that 45% of U.S. workers are connected with co-workers on social media, CareerBuilder offers a few more Scrooge-like stats concerning employee non-work connected ‘Net usage:

  • 11% of hiring managers have fired an employee for something they posted on social media
  • 30% of employers monitor their employees’ email use, and
  • 11% of hiring managers have fired someone for sending non-work related emails.


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