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Turn Good People Into Great Employees: Performance Reviews That Work

Start using performance reviews to your advantage, instead of dreaded annual obligations.

Performance reviews can fine-tune employee performance, establish goals and set individuals and departments up for success.

Properly done, performance reviews are one of the best tools a manager has.

Turn Good People into Great Employees: Performance Reviews That Work offers a no-nonsense approach anyone can use to successfully prepare and execute performance reviews that develop and motivate employees.

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What Our Customers Say

It provides me with real-life problems - ones that happen in many companies - and gives great descriptions and examples on how to handle them.
Joseph Velatti,
HR Manager,
It reminds me of the to-do and must-do items. It sharpens my skills and provides great advice.
Connie Eggleston,
HR Manager,
Farmers State Bank of Calhan
The issues are presented in straightforward, understandable language.
Dan Whitehead,
Montezuma Water Company

Make Performance Reviews a Success

  • 4 sample evaluations to assist in creating a written review
  • Manage employee expectations
  • Positive language vs. sugarcoating criticism
  • What to do when you and an employee don't see eye to eye
  • Establishing accountability and responsibility

Avoid Common Pitfalls

  • Separating the review from the raise
  • How to handle dissatisfaction with the review
  • Performance reviews vs. performance improvement plans
  • Language for constructive feedback
  • Performance reviews that fall short: Why they fail

Develop Employees, Benefit Organizations

  • From preparation to final draft: Step-by-step guidance
  • Aligning personal goals with organizational goals
  • Feedback that provides help and insight
  • Strategies to increase effectiveness of the written review
  • Keys to develop a motivating final draft

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Turn Good People Into Great Employees: Performance Reviews That Work

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