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Now here’s an employee perk your workers would probably approve of

If you think getting paid to eat lunch is a nice work perk, wait until you hear about the benefit one Swedish councilman is proposing for municipal workers.  

In the town of Overtornea, councilman Per-Erik Muskos has proposed giving municipal employees an hour-long paid break to go home and have sex, according to a New York Times report.

Based on Mr. Muskos’ statements backing up the sex break, the proposal was neither a joke nor a publicity stunt.

In fact, Muskos even offered a list of benefits including:

  • A boost to the shrinking local population
  • A means for adding excitement to a cooling marriage, and
  • An employee morale-booster.

In addition, Muskos extolled the physical benefits by stating, “sex is also a great form of exercise and has documented positive effects on well-being.”

He even suggested workers could use an hour of the workweek they’d already set aside for exercise and use it for the more intimate fitness activity.

The proposal is expected to be voted on in the spring and needs a simple majority to be passed by the 31-member council. Currently, the council is divided on the measure.

Logistical problems?

The proposal has been met with both praise and derision. But Muskos himself has acknowledged certain logistical issues with enforcing the proposal. As he told colleagues, it would be difficult to tell whether an employee had sex with his or her partner or simply used the time to go for a walk.

Of course, the proposal brings up one major question: What about the single employees that don’t have a regular sexual partner?

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