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ACLU sues Facebook for discriminatory job ads

Facebook is in hot water once again — this time, for job ads targeting exclusively men for roles such as police officers, truck drivers and sports store clerks. 

Sixth Circuit: High standard to prove employees are similarly situated

A recent ruling by the Sixth Circuit shows when it comes to discrimination lawsuits, the standard is pretty high for proving the employees who received differential treatment are actually similarly situated. 

Company’s mandatory retirement policy cost it $47K

Firing an employee for violating company policy isn’t unusual. And typically, policies help companies defend their actions.  But when the policy is discriminatory, following it can be costly. 

These 3 words just cost an employer $50K

A recent lawsuit taught managers what not to say as the EEOC showed, once again, that a small comment can end up costing an employer big. 

Age discrimination verdict: Jury awards former employee a whopping $51 million

Yet another example of how painful getting caught for discrimination law violations can be for employers: A New Jersey jury has just awarded a Lockheed Martin engineer an astonishing $51 million after he claimed he was discriminated against based on his age.  

This comment from a manager just got his employer sued

A federal court is letting a job candidate’s age discrimination lawsuit stand, even though the employer never hired anyone for the position. Why? Because of what a manager said during the interview. 

Can you kick a 102-year-old out of the office, even if it’s ‘for his own good’?

If you’re worried about an employee’s health or safety in his current position, can you force the employee to work elsewhere? 

Seemingly innocent interview questions that might spark an age-bias claim

You know better than to ask a job candidate how old he or she is. But employee-side lawyers are crafty, and can build an age discrimination lawsuit around queries that seem a lot more innocent. 

Are you advertising for ‘digital natives’? You might want to rethink that

There seems to be a new code word for coveted young job candidates: “Digital natives.” And if you use it, you could be opening yourself up to an age discrimination charge.  

Age bias cost Staples how much?

This straightforward age bias case got a lot less straightforward when a jury awarded the 66-year-old victim in question a jaw-dropping $26 million.