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10 warning signs a great employee’s about to quit

Think you know the signs when someone’s about to quit — having lots of doctor appointments, showing up in a suit, etc.? Well, according to new research, the cues that someone is about to jump ship are much subtler. 

3 costly mistakes new managers can’t afford to make

When new managers hit the ground running, it makes HR’s life easier. Good managers keep your brightest stars engaged, which improves retention and keeps you from having to fill talent gaps. Poor managers — or at least those who start off poorly — have the opposite effect. 

16 building blocks that bolster employee engagement

Do you know what sets your company apart from the rest for job seekers? Is it your recent accomplishments? How about your Fitness Fridays or Casual Mondays? Or is it the opportunities you provide for employees to grow throughout your firm and take their careers to the next level? 

3 manager mistakes costing employers top talent

In today’s job market, there are a lot of employers competing for the best talent — including those superstars who currently work for you. That makes it paramount that your managers do everything possible to retain your best workers. 

6 add-ons any onboarding program would benefit from

Finding talent — like really great talent — is hard. Great employees don’t come around every day. So when they do, are you 100% sure your onboarding program is making a great first impression with them? If not, you’re in trouble. 

How bad a micromanager are you, really? Take this quiz and find out

Are you a control freak? Are you a stellar people manager? Or are you some funky hybrid? 

Millennial to employers: 4 reasons we keep quitting

It’s rare to find something HR-handy on Facebook these days. Between your friends sharing their baby photos and political opinions, there isn’t much room left for stuff to help with your job. But we had to share this Facebook find with our HR Morning audience.

Top 5 things talented millennials want from you [infographic]

Are you ready for the run on millennial talent? 

2 big reasons employees are more willing to quit than ever before

There are two recent findings by the DOL that don’t look good for your retention efforts.

Are workers getting bolder about looking for greener pastures?

There’s new evidence that HR pros will be wrestling with an increasingly assertive workforce in 2015.