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Stopping Difficult People From Sucking the Life Out of Your Organization

Every organization has at least one – a difficult person whose behavior negatively affects those around them.

Difficult employees crush productivity, destroy morale – and push your best employees out the door.

However, many organizations are finding that these employees can be turned into high-quality personnel in just a few steps.

Stopping Difficult People From Sucking The Life Out of Your Organization is a clear no-nonsense plan, delivering actionable tactics you can use today to effectively handle difficult employees and prevent bad behavior in the workplace from spreading.

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What Our Customers Say

It provides me with real-life problems - ones that happen in many companies - and gives great descriptions and examples on how to handle them.
Joseph Velatti,
HR Manager,
It reminds me of the to-do and must-do items. It sharpens my skills and provides great advice.
Connie Eggleston,
HR Manager,
Farmers State Bank of Calhan
The issues are presented in straightforward, understandable language.
Dan Whitehead,
Montezuma Water Company

Take Steps to Stopping Bad Behavior in Just 30 Minutes

  • When to reward, and when to discipline
  • Keys to handling "Attitude Problems" and "Rule Breakers"
  • Specific words and phrases you should and shouldn't use
  • "Heading off" negative emotions – before they spread

Be Able to Handle Any Employee

  • Chronic-complainer
  • Over-promiser
  • Non-stop talker
  • Inconsistent-producer
  • Mr. Alibi, "I got caught in traffic...again"


  • Identifying the problem with the 3 C's
  • How to criticize without trampling egos: Dos and Don'ts
  • Proven principles to hone top-notch people skills
  • Dealing with difficult superiors

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Stopping Difficult People From Sucking the Life Out of Your Organization

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