Writing the Harassment Investigative Report: Minimize Liability & Avoid Lawsuits

Writing the investigative report starts from the very beginning of your investigation and continues all through the procedure.

But not all human resource experts know how to properly research, document or write a final report for an investigation.

And when an investigation isn’t accurately documented and recorded, your organization can face tremendous financial burdens and legal risks.

So how can you determine the facts and ensure employees’ civil rights aren’t compromised?

With the right practices and framework guidelines, you’ll be able to write a factual and compliant report that will withstand scrutiny and provide appropriate information regarding the investigative process for your employer, and if necessary for state and federal civil rights organizations and the courts. Join us for a 60-minute, information-packed workshop to learn:

  • An in-depth outline of the critical elements of an investigative report
  • Frequently missed elements from reports
  • How to appraise credibility of each interviewee
  • Details on how to draw & reach appropriate conclusions
  • A list of required follow-up actions

Program Highlights

The Investigative Report: What Needs to Be Included

  • What needs to be documented during a harassment investigation?
  • What should be in the final report & in what detail
  • Documentation necessities: Credibility of each witness, target, and accused
  • What must be included to minimize liability

Preparing for the Report: Standing Up to Legal Scrutiny

  • How to tackle fear & anxiety that comes with not properly documenting
  • Must-know details on successfully using evidence to draw conclusions
  • How to ensure all required documentation is adequate
  • How to write a report that’ll withstand the scrutiny of state and federal agencies and the courts

Writing an Investigative Report: Essential Tips to Writing it Right

  • A recommended format of an investigative report
  • Write a report that’ll withstand the scrutiny of state and federal agencies, and the courts
  • How to present findings in a way that’ll protect your organization (in case of a complaint to a state or federal agency or a lawsuit)

Program Benefits

In this 60-minute program, we’ll show you how to write an exceptional investigative report to capture the essence of the investigation and minimize liability.

About the Speaker

Dr. Susan Strauss is a national and international speaker, trainer, consultant and a recognized expert on workplace and school harassment and bullying. She conducts harassment and bullying investigations and functions as an expert witness in harassment and bullying lawsuits. Her clients are from business, education, healthcare, law, and government organizations from both the public and private sector.

Susan has authored over 30 books chapters, books, articles, and training manuals on harassment, bullying, and related topics. She has been featured on national and international television programs like 20/20 and CBS Evening News, as well as radio programs such as the Times of London, Lawyers Weekly, and Harvard Education Newsletter.

Her other accomplishments include:

  • Presenting at International conferences in Botswana, Egypt, Thailand, Israel, Palestine, Bali, and Lebanon
  • Registered Nurse
  • Master’s degree in community health
  • Doctora

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Writing the Harassment Investigative Report: Minimize Liability & Avoid Lawsuits

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