Top 5 things talented millennials want from you [infographic]

Are you ready for the run on millennial talent? 
Job openings are hitting record highs, and twenty/thirtysomethings are at the top of employers’ wish lists.
Is your company offering what it takes to attract these in-demand workers — or keep the ones you already have on staff from job hopping?
Our friends at intHRactive can help you figure that out.
Recently, the HR experts at intHRactive dove into numerous studies to find out exactly what it is Millennials are looking for versus what they’re actually getting from employers.
In doing so, they debunked three big myths that are costing employers a chance to attract and retain these individuals.
They also created the following infographic, which spells out the top five things Millennials are looking for from their current and/or future employers.
Millennials at Work
Source: intHRactive