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Turning Good Employees Into Great Managers

When you became a manager, you were probably already pretty good at your job. That’s why you got promoted. But did you get any new training with that promotion? Sure, you had job-specific training when your responsibilities changed, but I’m talking about training on how to be a great manager of other people. Chances are, you’re learning on the fly and could probably use some expert advice.

The Solution: "Turning Good Employees Into Great Managers: A Guide for New Managers and Soon-to-Be Managers"

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What Our Customers Say

It provides me with real-life problems - ones that happen in many companies - and gives great descriptions and examples on how to handle them.
Joseph Velatti,
HR Manager,
It reminds me of the to-do and must-do items. It sharpens my skills and provides great advice.
Connie Eggleston,
HR Manager,
Farmers State Bank of Calhan
The issues are presented in straightforward, understandable language.
Dan Whitehead,
Montezuma Water Company

Learn Keys Aspects of Mastering a New Mindset and New Skills

  • How to exert authority without alienating subordinates
  • Managing your boss’ expectations
  • Traits of successful managers
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Keys to delegating effectively
  • Dealing with different personalities


This fast-read report is packed with actionable tactics you can use today to hit the ground running on your path to becoming a better manager.

All the Help You Need to Prepare to Meet the Difficult Challenges of Being a Manager

  • Understand the different types of managers and what makes them unique
  • 2 huge pitfalls of being a new manager – and how to avoid them
  • 4 keys to deciding what to delegate and what to keep
  • 6 surefire strategies for becoming more “hands-on”
  • The 3 biggest transitions you’ll need to make

"Turning Good Employees Into Great Managers: A Guide for New Managers and Soon-to-Be Managers" is a clear, straightforward guide your managers can use right now to develop their own skills and use later to help mentor other new managers.

Time-tested Techniques for Handling Even the Most Difficult Situations

  • 7 common tough calls new managers must make
  • How to protect your top commodity – your time
  • 3 ways to lighten the mood when the workload gets heavy
  • How to toe the company line

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Turning Good Employees Into Great Managers

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